Visit the Carseldine Medical Clinic and Learn How to Enhance Your Immunity

Everyone looks forward to keeping their family members healthy and free from diseases. This starts with doing the little things you know and engaging other technical ones from qualified health care providers later. For this reason, most people prefer talking to competent family doctors for advice on how to get and stay healthy. Those who live in or near Carseldine are the happiest lot because competent doctors in any Carseldine medical clinic offer them maximum support on health issues. These doctors advise people to:

Watch their diet

carseldine medical clinicAccording to these doctors, one way to boost your immune system is eating food rich in vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, capsicum, kiwifruits and lemons are rich in vitamin C and they should appear 4-5 times in your meals weekly. Nutritionists in the Carseldine health clinic advise juice lovers to make it in the ratio of one-third fruit and two-thirds vegetables. Juice blend of lemons, spinach, beetroot and carrots is a stress-busting product that maintains your immune system strong. In addition, health care providers in this clinic recommend that you take plenty of nuts, wholegrain, lean meats, poultry, legumes, fish, low-fat dairy as well as spices and herbs.

Scrub up

Simple measures such as frequent hand washing could keep numerous illnesses and infections away. Any Carseldine family doctor will make you know that your hands can accumulate or harbor thousands of pathogenic microbes a day. These microbes can be easily transferred to others through handshakes and food handling among others. If you are sneezing or coughing frequently during winter, it is advisable to wash your hands with hot water and soap to kill microbes. Where possible, use running water to rinse your hands.

Exercise quite often

Physical exercises are some of the Carseldine health services that doctors in Carseldine will offer you. Most people don’t realize that moderate physical exercises improve the way their immune systems respond. According to these medical care providers, having several brisk walks three to four times a week can reduce sicknesses and diseases by about 40 percent. Going for a 20-minute aerobic exercise five days in a week will keep you healthy and make you look younger. The doctors in these clinics insist of moderate exercises because strenuous exercises influence the body to release cortisol—a stress hormone— that weakens the immune system.

Have quality sleep

Visiting a family physician in the Carseldine medical clinic could help you know the effects of poor quality sleep on your immune system. Lack of sleep can greatly reduce the white blood cells in your body and increase your vulnerability to colds and flu. Most family doctors advise their patients to look for ways that improve the quality of their sleep. Instead of watching television programs until late night hours, it is advisable to soak in warm water baths or turn on soft music to make your bedtime more relaxing.

If you want to know more ways you can use to boost your immune system, it is good to visit a Carseldine medical clinic. Here, you will find family doctors with vast knowledge on what affects immune system and how you can enhance it. You will also discover that drugs are not the only source of strong and effective immune system of an individual.