The Basics of Kahuna Massage

Kahuna massage is a traditional way to heal naturally. Priests used this method to connect the body and mind and also practiced it as an alternative health care option. In ancient times, royalties enjoyed this therapeutic massage as a way to relax. The term Hawaiian massage also refers to this category of therapy. If you are in Ashgrove and are in search of the best Kahuna Massage Ashgrove has available, there are excellent options you can select from like the Genesis Bodywork.

The Advantages of Kahuna Massage

  • The Kahuna Massage Ashgrove has for its clients helps their physical and emotional condition.  A patient obtaining the Hawaiian bodywork shows significant changes in their general health. The most outstanding gain is the release of anxiety and the reprieve from stress and fatigue. There is also a constructive effect on the emotional condition of the patient. The long gentle strokes the masseuse does with their hands are good at dealing with all forms of stress. These intense strokes and healing procedures, sooth the tension built up in the muscles.
  • Professional Kahuna Massage also increases your immunity against any illness.
  • The Hawaiian massage also perks up the circulation of blood and oxygen in the patient’s body.
  • This therapy also enhances the lymphatic flow in your body, which gets rid of waste from the body.

How The Massage Works

Kahuna bodywork attributes its massage strokes to the indigenous Hawaiian dance that mimics a large bird. In this type of massage, the masseur can use his hands as well as their elbows, forearms and fingers to perform various gentle gliding movements in the patient’s body.  During the massage, the therapists focus on helping the patient’s body and mind.

During therapy, the therapist rubs special massage oils on the body to act as a lubricant. This oil prevents friction and enables them to move their hands, elbows, fingers, and forearms swiftly to specific areas. The standard strokes Kahuna Massage Ashgrove masseurs use on many spots of the body are the sliding massage strokes.

How Much Time Does it Take?

It takes roughly one hour thirty minutes for a Kahuna Massage session at Genesis Bodywork to end. Nonetheless, some may take up to three hours depending on the patient’s needs. They also provide the Best facial in Asgrove has today, hence, some customers decide to obtain both services at once in their clinic.

Additionally, Genesis Bodywork offers the Best Facial Ashgrove has today for beauty conscious clients. Residents advise their friends to go there and benefit from various massage services. Moreover, it also has the Best facial Brisbane has to offer for clients who are keen on their appearance.

Bear in mind that Kahuna massage is risk-free as compared to other sorts of massage as it utilizes moderate pressure and sliding strokes. On the other hand, each therapy has some weaknesses. Hence, it is also imperative to visit your doctor for any extra information. Most importantly, ensure you always employ the services of an accredited massage therapist to attain paramount results.