Budget Hotels in Bangkok – Better Value for Money Spent

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. Even during the times of political unrest when the city faced a reduction of tourist, people still kept coming to this city. Bangkok is the major gateway to any destination within Thailand and the transit point to other tourist hotspots like Pattaya. A large number of the tourists would prefer a budget hotel Bangkok has to offer than the luxury or multiple-star rated ones for many reasons.

Why Choose the Budget Hotels?

One of the main reasons why people opt for the budget range of hotels while on a holiday is that they plan to spend most of their time outdoors. People usually visit places of interest or go for shopping and stay outdoors. Even while travelling from one destination to another, many people just spend a night or two in Bangkok. For such people, a budget hotel Bangkok offers would serve tourists well, because, in terms of basic facilities, there will not be any compromise. For instance, the rooms will be good, neatly maintained and will have all the comforts a guest requires, including modern gadgets and other provisions. Some add-ons you may find in the deluxe range of hotels might be missing, but that doesn’t affect tourists who prefer budget hotels.

The Basic Tenets of Hospitality Have to be Maintained

The mention of budget hotels might mean cheap hotels to some. But that is not true. When a guest checks into a hotel, there are a few basic aspects he or she will look for as minimum and not compromise on them. These include a pleasant reception at the front desk, minimal and quick check in formalities, neatly laid down rooms with best furnishings and a hygienically maintained bathroom. Of course, the food served in the room or at the restaurants has to be tasty and should excite guests as well. If most of these are met, as a hotel owner, you can expect your guests to choose your hotel and make return visits.

The location of a budget hotel Bangkok market has today also makes a difference. If a tourist picks a hotel to save on hotel bills in order to spend more on other things, hotels that are far from shopping centres and facilities won’t be acceptable. Guests shy away from hotel locations that may cost them more when it comes to transportation. In a city like Bangkok, for example, even if a hotel is located at some distance from the Suvarnabhumi Airport, if there are MRT stations close to the hotel, it could be of great benefit. The guests can use the train service to reach places faster and at lower costs.

If budget hotels can also provide additional facilities like a fitness centre, sauna and Jacuzzi, guests would just love it since it adds value to their stay. Popular hotels throw in much more options for the entertainment of guests along with some indoor games as well. If the restaurants can dish out a variety of cuisines to suit guests from different countries, that would be like the icing on the cake.